Why you should avoid the word "cheat" meal

Healthy eating is about so much more than just “healthy eating”. In order to eat healthy, you must first start by developing a healthy relationship with food. This all begins with your mindset.

We must first remember that food is fuel. We are nourishing our body every time we feed it. To begin, instead of classifying foods into “good” or “bad” foods, start thinking about what food is fueling your body and what food isn’t serving you anymore.

What makes you feel good when you eat it?

What gives you energy?

What foods make you feel tired and sluggish?

Recognizing all of these things is the first step in your journey towards healthy eating.

Next up is to eliminate the word “cheat” from your vocabulary when talking about food.

One of the biggest things you can do that will negatively affect your relationship with food is using the term Cheat Meals. Read on to understand why.

Cheating is bad

Cheating has a negative feeling all around it. When you cheat on a test, that is wrong. When you cheat on your partner, again wrong. Cheating in life doesn’t get you anywhere and when you start associating eating certain foods as “cheating” you are setting yourself up for failure. Mindset plays a vital role in your success when embarking on a healthy journey so it’s crucial you start your journey off in the right frame of mind to continue forward.

Cheating leads to hurt and upset

If you follow the above rule “cheating is bad” you with inevitably feel bad about your decision to have that special treat which will lead to feeling bad about yourself. This becomes a vicious cycle, as what tends to follow is hurt, upset and guilt which lead to overeating. And after overeating the cycle repeats, placing your mind and motivation to continue on your healthy journey low.

Food should bring you joy

The goal of starting a healthy journey with food should be so that you and food become friends. Food should bring you joy, not guilt. The second you start labeling things as “good” and “bad” you are creating an unhealthy relationship with food in your mind. This means if you start labeling food as “cheat meals” you are going to enforce in your mind that you are, in fact, doing something wrong.

Treat meals are a celebration

When you begin to think of meals as “treats” instead of “cheats” you are allowing your mind to take away any negative thoughts and regret. You are giving yourself a treat because YOU deserve it not because you are doing something wrong.

A treat is something that you get to enjoy.

A treat is allowed in a healthy lifestyle

A treat should be celebrated among friends

Begin your journey by eliminating the word “cheat” and replace it with “treat”. Set your mind up for success and the rest will follow.

You got this.

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