Why telling others your goals is key to success

“Accountability is key!” Raise your hand if you have heard this before? Chance are, you have. Accountability has definitely been a bit of a buzzword for the last few years. BUT, why?

Accountability allows others to be part of your success and in turn pushes you to follow through on your goal that’s why telling others about your future goals is key to your success. In this article, we break down the how and why behind this.

Make sure you tell someone you trust and you look up to

First, before telling your goals, think about who you want to tell. Simply broadcasting your goals on Facebook may not lead you to the results you are looking for. It’s important to tell someone that you trust and look up to.

Why? Because you want to be able to openly talk about your goals to this person and you want them to react in a positive manner. You are not looking for someone to make you feel bad about your goals but someone to lift you up and support you.

By telling someone you look up to your goals you are more apt to keep pushing yourself to continue and to make that person proud.

You receive accountability

Once you tell someone your goal you have now made that goal real. Sometimes, when we keep goals to ourselves they are easier to push to the side or put on the back burner for a little longer. When you tell someone about your goals you are letting someone else in and now, they can check in on your progress and how you are making out. While this may seem like a scary thing to do, remember, you have more people in your life who will choose to support you rather than hope to see you fail so share your goals with those you love and who are always in your corner.

You gain clarity

When you share a goal with others, they will inevitably ask you about your goal. They may ask why your choosing to pursue it, how you are going about achieving it, and other insightful questions. Allow yourself to think deeper about these questions and have these conversations with others, throughout the process you will gain more clarity and drive to pursue your goals.

You may receive help

Sometimes, we don’t even know we need help until we receive it. Help can come in many different forms and by telling someone else your goals you are potentially opening up the doors for help. By telling your family about a weight loss goal you may receive support in the form of more family activities that are physical or meals that fuel your body and give it the power it needs to push through the day. Help doesn’t always have to look the same.


Motivation isn’t something that magically pops out of thin air - you have to create it. And sometimes creating motivation comes from telling others your goals. By telling someone your goals you become motivated to achieve them, you want to be able to say you accomplished your goals. By creating this motivation you are giving yourself a reason to push through on those hard days.

The power of ownership

By telling others about your goals, yes you are making them real but you are also giving yourself the power of ownership. You OWN your goals, they are yours and no one else’s. When you hit those goals the sense of accomplishment you will feel is unmeasurable. Giving yourself power provides a sense of self-worth that will help to drive you forward and continue to push on with your goal.

It may seem tough at first, but trusting in the right people to share your goals with can set you up for success and help you to accomplish your goals and more. Once you hit one goal you may find yourself on the path to set out new, more challenging goals, moving your life in only the most positive direction.

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