Why it matters how you talk to yourself

Sometimes we are our own worst critics and we oftentimes don’t think about how the words we say to ourselves could be affecting us. You get to live with yourself day in and day out so it is important to start treating your body and your mind right and that begins with how you speak to yourself.

What does it mean to change your self-talk?

First things first, before you go ahead and understand why your self-thoughts and feelings matter you need to understand what self-talk means.

Your self-talk and feelings are the things you think, say, and feel about yourself. They do not only include things you say in your head but also how you talk about yourself to other people. All these things make up your self-talk.

Why it matters?


Did you know you are the one in charge of your confidence? It is up to you to increase your confidence. No one else is going to do it for you. If you are constantly putting yourself down and belittling yourself you are directly lowering your self-confidence. Small actions and words can have large impacts. Begin to start changing how you look at yourself and the things you think and say.


If you are on a new path in life or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by constantly being in a negative frame of mind and talking down to yourself you are hurting your motivation. Motivation comes directly from within ourselves so making sure you are pushing yourself to do better and be better and be proud of who you are is an important step.

Understand your emotions

Ever felt out of control with your emotions? It’s possible that’s because you are letting your negative self-talk run the show. By practicing positive thinking and self-talk you are taking back control of your emotions and allowing yourself to hold the key to them.

Changing your life or hitting a goal, all starts from within. Start thinking about how you can change your thoughts or self-talk for the better and then start to implement small changes and see what happens!

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