Why Celebrating the Small wins, Matter!

It’s an amazing feeling when you feel like you have hit one of your biggest goals, to know you finally achieved something you have been working so hard for. But, what about all that you achieved in between? There are lots of little milestones on our way to success that we oftentimes forget to celebrate yet they are wins nonetheless. Celebrating the small wins can make a huge difference in your journey to your goals. Today, we will share with you 3 reasons you need to start celebrating the small wins today.

Track your progress

It’s important to note that in order to celebrate the small wins we must first track our progress. After all, you can’t celebrate something that you didn’t know happened. Right?

In the simplest form, you can track your progress with a pen and paper. Make an effort every few days or at least once a week to track your progress. How did you do this week? Be clear with what you have achieved. Writing a single sentence saying your week went well is not the goal. Write down metrics, things you can track and compare week to week. For example, if you goal was to eat more vegetables you could write things like: how many meals a day did you include veggies, how many days did you do this, what worked vs what didn’t. This will allow you to have a record of your progress and one that you can compare with weeks moving forward.

If you’d rather not use the pen and paper method and prefer to have something that is always with you - there are many habit tracking apps that make it easy for you to track your progress and have prompts that you can set to help remind you to do certain actions or help you with your reflection of progress.

A couple of habit tracking apps:

  • Coach.me - access to professional coaches and a community

  • Strides - offers a variety of ways to track different habits

  • Beeminder - an app that makes you pay if you don’t stick to your habits

Once you’ve determined how you are going to track your goals and progress the fun begins!

Keep reading to see why you need to follow through, track your progress and celebrate even the smallest wins.

It makes you happy

First and foremost you started off towards this goal to create more happiness in your life, this journey isn’t supposed to be painful, it’s supposed to bring you joy so let it.

An accomplishment no matter how big or small activates our reward receptors in our brain, when that happens dopamine is released, dopamine is the feel-good hormone, our bodies crave it. We love that feeling of accomplishment and self-worth, knowing we completed a task we set out to do. In turn, we feel more energized and active towards continuing towards this goal. Motivation is directly related to happiness. The happier you are working towards a goal the more likely you will continue to pursue it.

It gives you confidence

When going after a new dream it can seem scary and daunting, sometimes you may start to doubt whether or not you can actually achieve the dream. If you celebrate the small wins along the way you can start to build up your confidence towards achieving that big scary goal. Confidence is the driving force of most of the things in our life, in order to get ahead, keep pushing forward and to keep getting uncomfortable we have to feel confident in our decisions and ourselves. Stopping along your journey to celebrate your small victories can help you see your growth, understand it, soak it all in and realize you can do hard things.

It gives you clarity

By tracking your journey and stopping to celebrate the small wins you are actually breaking down your goal into small actionable steps. At each of these wins you have time to reflect and gain even more insight into why you are reaching for the big goal in the first place. This means you also have the chance to tweak any of your expectations and alter your destination path if needed. In some cases doing so may actually propel your journey forward as you have realized just how attainable your goal is and how badly you want to achieve it. Especially now that you know your well on your way.

No win is ever too small to celebrate. Embrace your new healthy habits and celebrate your wins. You are doing something good for your body and the end result is only half the battle. The achievement comes from doing the right things day in and day out and achieving small consistent wins. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey and your growth.

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