What to do outdoors for easy and enjoyable exercise

Spring has sprung! Gorgeous weather and longer days make getting outdoors much easier. Plus, there seems to be so many more activities you can do outdoors in the nicer weather. So, if you’re on a journey to living a healthier lifestyle it’s just gotten a whole lot easier to incorporate healthy living into your life. Below are some of our favorite activities to do outside to get in some exercise.

Head out for a walk

Walking is very underrated. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and can be done with no equipment and literally at the drop of a hat. Walking gets the heart pumping and fresh air into the lungs. Take a friend with you on your walk and catch up on each other’s lives or take a solo walk and enjoy the moments of solidarity.

Bike Ride

If you have a bike, it’s time to dust that off and get out there! There’s nothing better than feeling the wind in your hair as you’re riding along on a beautiful day. If you are lucky enough to live near some bike trails then take advantage of them. Biking is a great form of cardio and you can choose to challenge yourself based on gears and trail type.


Hit up your local beach or pool and go for a dip. Swimming is great because you are going against the resistance of the water forcing your muscles to work harder, but you never seem to break a sweat. It’s a great mix for working your muscles and your heart.

Your favorite outdoor activity

No need to over complicate it! Pick your favorite outdoor activity and have some fun! Moving your body is the best way to start your healthy journey. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting out of the house and enjoying some physical activity.

Remember, this journey isn’t meant to be complicated or stressful. It’s meant to be enjoyable. Pick something you love to do that involves moving your body and stick to it. Consistency is key. There is no one size fits all approach. Enjoy your body, enjoy whatever activity you decide to do and continue to incorporate it into your daily life.

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