Try these easy swaps to add more movement to your day

Adding more movement to your day doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t mean hours at the gym or trying to find more time during the day. You can add more movement to your day by simplifying making a few easy swaps here and there.

Take the stairs

I’m willing to bet that there is a part of your day where you can choose to take the stairs instead of the easier way around. Try it and see how you make out.

Swap the car for a bike

Wherever you can, take your bike instead of the car. This doesn’t mean if you have an hour commute to work you have to swap your bike. Think of smaller things, like heading to grab something small from your local store or when you take your kids to the park.

Play instead of watch

Instead of watching your kids play, join in! Your kids will love it and it’s great all-around for you. Get those endorphins moving while working off some extra stress


When you first wake up in the morning get your body moving with some simple stretches. This will help to start your body off on the right foot.

Schedule time to move

If all else fails try to start planning in a walk every day or 15 minutes of movement however you feel comfortable doing so. Will it mean it gets done every day? Maybe not, but at least you are actively working towards moving and that will bring you success regardless.

Movement is an important part of your health and small little tweaks here and there can really help you to add more movement into your day. Start small, do what you can and build from there.

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