Protein Powered Breakfast Ideas

It’s important how you start your day. Many recommend a morning routine, which we also believe is vital to starting your morning off right. We also think that part of that morning routine should include a protein-powered breakfast.

Protein helps us sustain our energy and provides us nutrients that keep us full and satisfied throughout the day. There are many different ways that you can choose to get protein into your body but still there always seems to be a common question - what protein should I eat at breakfast?

Here are 3 great protein-packed breakfasts you try!

2 Eggs + Toast

Simple and sweet - eggs have a good amount of protein in them - 13 grams per egg meaning 2 or 3 eggs in your breakfast will add a great boost of protein to your meal. Try to make sure you are combining this with whole wheat bread or at the very least a bread that has more fiber than sugar.


Smoothies are great during the summer months plus they are easy enough to take on the go with you. You can switch them up, test new ideas, and have fun with smoothies. Here are a couple of great protein add-ins to up your smoothie game:

  • Protein powder - your flavor of choosing

  • Greek yogurt - opt for plain greek yogurt

  • Peanut butter

  • Coconut milk

  • Flax seeds

Check out some recipes online or try your hand at creating your own!

Avocado Cottage cheese toast

Avocado toast on its own provides many nutritional benefits but adding in cottage cheese kicks this toast up to a new level of delicious and nutritious!

Think about some of your favorite protein sources and how you could implement them in your breakfast routine. It doesn’t always have to be the most “traditional” breakfast, get creative and have some fun with your meals.

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