Key Things to Create a Well Balanced Snack

Let’s chat about snacks, firstly because everyone loves a good snack and secondly because sometimes snacks can feel like just about the hardest thing to find in a healthy version of. When the hunger comes and you are unsure of what you should be eating it’s all to easy to reach for the quickest and closest thing which in a lot of cases can end up being a bag of chips, chocolate bar or drive-through food.

In this blog post we are going to break down how to level up your snack game. By following these 3 steps you can create a well balanced, nutritious snacks anytime of the day.

Include healthy fats in your snacks

There is and probably always will be a common misconception that fat is bad which isn’t the case. It’s time to stop fearing fat and embrace all the goodness it provides. Adding healthy fats to your diet helps to maintain a healthy body weight and keep blood sugars level.

Some examples of healthy fats include:


Nuts and seeds

Nut butter

Dark Chocolate

Whole eggs


Focus on Fiber

It’s all too easy to reach for that bag of chips midday, instead, do yourself a favour and focus on fiber that fuels your body.

Fiber plays a huge role in overall health and energy. Fiber is often one of the easiest things to not get enough in over the course of the day, so keeping that in mind and adding fiber into your snacks can help to ensure you are hitting your daily fiber goals.

As with anything, when you are focusing on your health, where possible opt for whole foods, that are not processed. Think whole grain bread over the white.

Some great sources of fiber include:



Popcorn - yes, really!

Whole grains


Dried fruit

The Power of Protein

Protein helps you power through your day. It is important to keep protein in mind at all meals in order to keep your energy levels up and keep you feeling on top of your game all day.

A common solution is to grab a protein bar for an easy and quick fix. While this may be tempting, be mindful when selecting your bar. Oftentimes protein bars can contain a lot of sugar which will end up leaving you with a mid-day crash instead of a midday power session.

Tip: If you can’t understand the ingredients in the bar - steer clear.

Some great sources of protein

Lean meat

Protein powder

Greek yogurt

Cottage cheese

If it seems overwhelming at first to try to create a snack based on these 3 things try to find a few things you like in each category: fiber, protein and healthy fats. Stick to those that you know and like for a bit and then branch out from there. Remember as mentioned earlier focus on the quality of the foods your putting into your body and minimize as much of the processed foods where possible.

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