It’s One of Those Days

Maggie woke up feeling shaky. There was no particular reason she could point to as the source of her "distress". She had a good night's sleep and had nothing ahead of her that was out of the ordinary. She had a healthy breakfast and drank a little less coffee than she normally would have out of concern the caffeine might exacerbate the feeling. Even though something was "off" internally, she never let on to anyone. Mid morning she took some ibuprofen to see if it would bring some relief... It did not. She ate her lunch in the breakroom but when the topic of conversation turned to office gossip, she found herself absorbing the negativity like a sponge. When she couldn't take any more, she quietly left. She could hear whispers as she was leaving and felt certain they were about her. As she finished her lunch, she scrolled through her phone. Out of boredom or perhaps desperation, she read her horoscope to see if her mood might be caused by the stars. She didn't put much stock into that kind of thing but occasionally it was so on target she would from time to time read the day's predictions.

She read "Things could be rather intense today but just why exactly they are so intense could be rather difficult to figure out. The intuitive Moon is spending the day in Libra..."

"Wow," Maggie thought to herself. "My intuitive Mood is in Libra! No wonder I'm feeling so bad." Maggie had no idea what that meant but it was a good enough explanation for now. She then looked at tomorrow's predictions and was encouraged. The outlook was better. For some reason this gave Maggie a tremendous sense of relief. Her mood was not the result of some inadequacy on her part and she had no control over the cause of her mood. What she did know was it would be better tomorrow and she just needed to get through today.

Whether or not you hold any validity to your horoscope, I think we can all relate to feeling "off" or uncentered with no idea why. Although we have all experienced it, culturally we have little understanding or compassion for it. You can tell people you need a break; to cut you some slack; or to treat you with kid gloves but the first thing they want to know is why. The problem is you don't know why you need a break, sometimes you just need one.

Maggie's boss didn't pay over time but allowed employees to accrue time off. She decided that today was exactly what that time should be used for. (Here's the important part.) She did not go to her boss and request the time off because her intuitive moon was in Libra. Instead she explained that a personal manner had come up and she needed to get off a few hours early. She apologized for the short notice. Her boss allowed it and Maggie went home to take care of the "personal manner" which involved an afternoon nap. When she woke up she considered picking up her kids early from aftercare but decided the best way to recharge was getting an early start on dinner. When she did pick up her kids at their usual time, she realized she had made the right call. Her tolerance for their normal exuberance was not up to par. With the extra rest and prep time for dinner, Maggie was able to make it through the remainder of the evening without incident or regret.

When you wake up in a similar condition as Maggie's, consider how you can take care of yourself. If you don't, no one will. For some reason, we don't feel we are entitled to extra care. Most of us just muscle through our day in an irritable mood, creating a wake of problems that eventually catch up to us later. Rather than adding to the issue or creating regret, look at how you can give yourself a break. Everyday is not going to be the best day ever. Some days, the only good thing about it is the fact that it is over. (Here's the important part.) It's okay to give yourself a break and you don't have to have a reason.

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