How to Survive The Stress of Holidays

The holidays are great opportunities to get together with loved ones, but also some of the worst times for your waistline because holidays are a time where we are vulnerable to making unhealthy choices. During the holidays, whenever we are out of our normal routines, we are more vulnerable to unhealthy choices. We often let social situations guide our behavior.

I never have dessert at home but do it almost every night when I’m with my family. Vacations and holidays can be like that - sounds familiar?

Vacations and vacations may throw your schedule off - here are some survival tips.

Holidays are a time when most of us indulge. And I don’t think that it is necessarily a problem unless we let our behavior be guided by social situations or unconscious choices rather than our own thoughtful decisions.

I can eat a healthy dinner before I go to a party and indulge in an absolutely delicious piece of cake or I can go to a party hungry, eat a ton of ridiculously unhealthy food followed by a delicious piece of cake.

The First Strategy

The first strategy of eating a healthy meal before the party allows me to arrive feeling satisfied and centered. I’m not apt to mindlessly eat or be tempted by something that is just okay.

When I do decide to indulge it’s because it’s something I really want to eat.

The principle is based on: Because I’m not hungry, I can eat it slowly and savor every bite. I’m noticing the different flavors and textures. When I take my time, I feel satisfied by the experience. It is enough.

Consider this: when you're hungry, do you really pay attention to what you're eating? What about all the flavors? We taste using our tongue taste buds because we don't have any in our stomachs. However, we just eat really quickly because we are hungry.

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Going To A Party

It’s all about the strategy - right? This means that if my strategy is to eat dinner at the party, I’m hungry when I arrive and feel a little frantic to eat something.

And not necessarily something but anything.

Think about it: most party food is high in carbohydrates and bad fats, with few options for veggies or lean protein. It's all the finger food, where you can easily fill a few hands but still feel hungry.

This type of dinner often leaves me feeling bloated and a little uneasy - familiar?

You're left feeling uneasy and constantly putting your clothes back in order because they're shifting as a result of the bloating and no longer fit properly - the once relaxed evening with friends and family has turned into counting down the hours until you can get back into your stretchy comfy clothes and your bed.

Eating a delicious piece of cake at that point is just adding to my discomfort.

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