How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Day For Good

You lose 5 pounds, then gain it back. You lose 10 pounds, then lose 5 more. It feels like you're gaining and losing the same weight over and over again. This can be so frustrating, especially if you've made significant progress. However, it's not about finding the right diet for you as it is about having the right type of kitchen for you.

This is not just a blog about losing 10 pounds - this is a blog about losing 10 pounds once and for all and losing it all today!

Sounds impossible?

Read more to find out how - it may be a bit differently from what you expected though.

Okay… you are not going to lose ten pounds of your body weight but you can lose 10 pounds of unwanted excess baggage. What I am taking about is your kitchen losing 10 pounds of unused gadgets, duplicate or triplicate utensils, and straight up trash.

That’s right, I think you have trash in your kitchen.

Go ahead and see if I’m not right - Let me ask you this:

  • How many plastic containers do you have in your kitchen that don’t have a matching top?

  • How many paper or plastic bags are you saving? What about the top that doesn’t have a matching pot.

If you took these things to a thrift store, they would throw them in the trash - so why are you hanging on to them?

Do you think you’re going to find the pot for that extra lid?

Does the plastic container really serve you without a top? Will you suddenly have an important use of a thousand plastic bags?

Let’s be honest. This is recycle garbage. Let it go.

Now let’s talk about the kitchen gadgets you haven’t used in over a year. Most gadgets aren’t used after the initial honeymoon phase. I know that the bread maker makes amazing bread - the problem is you already like bread too much and you really don’t need to make bread more appealing.

How about the juicer? Fresh squeezed juice is so healthy but when was the last time you used it?

This includes waffle irons, ice cream makers, fryers…. and so on.

The First Step To Lose 10 Pounds

Start with the big stuff, the stuff that takes up lots of space.

If you haven’t used it in a year, you probably never will. Get rid of it. Or consider lending/giving it to a friend to try (Good luck with that one because most people have that own kitchen gadgets graveyard and aren’t looking to expand their’s).

You could even consider selling it? This will at the very least get it out of your kitchen.

Having the extra space will be a weight off your shoulders. It will allow the space for more important used items or will be a roomy space for what you already have. After all, it’s always nice to open a cabinet where everything fits easily rather than being crammed in.

Pots and Pans

Consider how many copies you need. In a single kitchen, how many stirring spoons, spatulas, soup ladles, or tongs are needed? How many pots and pans are needed?

Be honest with yourself.

I've seen folks in their kitchens with more than 20 pots and pans. After all, how many burners can you reasonably utilize if you only have four?

Sure, various sized pans are required, but how many of the same sort of pan are actually needed? The same is true for baking pans, cookie sheets, muffin tins, and so on.... More isn't always better.

The correct number is determined on how and what you prepare. I only have two baking sheets, one tiny one that I seldom use and one giant one that I nearly never use - but I don't bake very much.

I cook every day with just seven pots and pans. At least three of them I use just sometimes, but the other four I use often, many times each day. I often hand wash my pots since I use them more frequently than I run my dishwasher. But I'd rather wash a pan by hand than have more pans than I need.

Finally, let’s talk about the “thing”

To be honest, we all have them. I'd tell you what it's called, but I don't know what it's called. You, too, do not. What I'm referring to is the thing you found. Perhaps you found it on the floor or at the back of a cupboard. Maybe it has been in your drawer for so long that you have forgotten what it is. Maybe you never knew. Whatever it was, it seemed to be important, so you chose to keep it. Years have passed and you still don't know what it is, but for some reason, you believe that the minute you toss it away, the clouds will split and a chorus of angels will sing, explaining the significance of this precious relic.

Let's be real.

If you don't know what it is and haven't used it in years, you're unlikely to ever use it. I can tell you from personal experience that the angels have more important tasks to do. So…

Why not try it and experience how nice it feels to be rid of 10 pounds of extra luggage - if not more? You could discover that it was the ten pounds you actually needed to drop and will never regain.

Will you commit to losing 10 pounds today?

What are you going to let go of?

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