How to improve mental clarity instead of getting trapped

Do you often find yourself trapped in your head and want to improve your mental clarity, but you find yourself once again trapped in a mental rant? Changing your mind is not always easy, and you may find yourself in a mental rant at times. It could be because of something that is happening, such as coming to a complete stop on the interstate and becoming enraged at the person who has caused you this inconvenience.

However, sometimes it can also be about the past, like a conversation that you rewind over and over because you are upset about the outcome. It can be about the future, imagining a conversation you would like to have with “that” person.

I even find myself in a rant about events in the world over which I have utterly no control - does that sound familiar?

Here’s what you can do against it

Sometimes my mind just goes to this dark, negative space. If I were to hear someone say these exact words out loud, I would try to find a way to dismiss myself. Unfortunately, it is not always as easy to dismiss these negative thoughts from my mind as it is to leave a conversation.

Consider this..

It is amazing how a conversation in our own mind can create the same powerful emotions and changes in our physiology as if we were actually having that experience - it feels almost surreal.

It’s easy to get lost in your head and not pay attention to what’s going around you anymore. However, this makes what goes on in the private recesses of our mind just as important as what goes on in our life.

Did you know, your negative thoughts still have an adverse effect on your mental and physical well-being?

Even though we aren’t actually having an argument or saying something negative, our body is producing the exact same response as if we were - almost as if we are living it.

The more we..

  • condition our mind to an emotion, the more we condition our body to that response.

  • experience an emotion, the more efficient and quicker we can reproduce that emotion and the accompanying physiological changes in our body.

It’s like with everything we do over a longer period of time - the more we practice, the more automatic that practice becomes. Just like learning to serve a tennis ball or swing a golf club, we can practice an emotion until it becomes muscle memory.

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Why you shouldn’t become trapped in your mind

I have seen people spend so much time in particular emotions such as anger, fear, or grief that they have programmed their bodies to respond to these emotions from the moment they awaken.

They can feel trapped in their depression or resentment and see no way out of it - does this sound familiar?

Numerous studies have shown adverse physiological effects on our body are part of this response as are the health problems that result from these emotions.

But even people who have programmed an emotion for a lifetime will sometimes experience a moment of clarity or grace.

For me, it is a moment of consciousness when I have found myself actually listening to this voice and I ask myself, “What are you doing?”

It is like waking up out of a trance. It is in that moment of awareness that I am able to examine what I am doing with my mind and make a choice.

Will I continue with this practice of negativity or will I shift my mind to create a different emotion that is more aligned with what I want to feel?

If your mind has so much control over your body, imagine what else you could do with it if you took charge and consciously choose what to think and thus feel.

Think about it, what emotion are you practicing? What emotion would you like to program into your body?

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So, what emotion are you practicing? What emotion would you like to program into your body?

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