How To Handle Food Cravings

Do you have a hard time controlling your food cravings? If you do, you're not alone. Millions of people struggle with this issue every day.

Food cravings are something that we all have to deal with. Whether it's for sweets, salty snacks, or something else, all of us have food cravings. Even worse, food cravings are the end of most diets.

While you are trying to figure out what you can eat, or what you should eat, the irresistible urge for ____ ( you fill in the blank) wins out. Often it is just the sight of the food in your cabinet or a commercial on TV that can trigger us to indulge.

Step 1: Understand your Food Cravings

Being hungry makes you especially vulnerable to cravings. From a state of hunger, I have actually heard a bag of chips in the living room calling from inside the kitchen pantry - It is amazing how loud they can scream!

If hunger is the problem, then planning is the solution.

The best way of dealing with cravings is to know what you are going to eat. You don’t have to have a weekly or even daily plan but you should know what you are going to eat for your next meal.

Here's what it could look like:

That means before you go to bed you have a plan for breakfast.

Because, without a plan, it’s easy to do what is easiest, which is not always the best choice.


After breakfast, what do you have planned for a snack if you need one? What will you eat for lunch?

Without a plan, your cravings will be the deciding factor.

To be clear, you can’t resist cravings. You will always have cravings. Whether you indulge or how much you indulge is determined by your hunger and your plan.

Here's how it works:

I went grocery shopping and one of the items I bought was doughnuts, which I naturally froze. Then, this morning, after breakfast, I took one out. Though I was full, I decided to eat it later in the day. The doughnut, on the other hand, remained on the counter after I had finished my intended lunch and afternoon snack.

As I began to prepare for dinner I noticed the doughnut sitting there. While I was a little hungry, I decided that I wanted to wait until I prepped some vegetables that I planned to eat with my dinner. I got really excited about my dinner plans and as I was looking in the refrigerator I noticed a watermelon and cantaloupe. I decided to go ahead and cut these up as well. Once I started cutting the melons I began tasting them and eating them. They were so fresh and delicious!

You see where this is going?

Dinner is over and the donut remains on the counter. I haven’t been resisting it all day, I just haven’t really wanted it yet…

I would like to eat the donut and to be honest I probably will.

I just want to eat it when I really want it - not affected by any cravings.

I think it is okay to indulge but I don’t want hunger and poor planning to be the deciding factor. I would rather my desire and enjoyment be the deciding factor.

An hour or so after dinner I notice the donut and decide to eat it. I pulled one bite off the donut and put it in my mouth expecting a soft, sweet, delicious bite.

To my surprise, it did not meet my expectations. Honestly, I was disappointed. I searched my mind for what was missing. What did it need? After a moment of reflection I realized I would enjoy it more with a cup of coffee. Maybe tomorrow morning it would be better… or maybe not.

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