How to create healthy habits

Habits make up every part of your life. On your journey to living a healthier and happier life habits are the driving force. Having rock-solid healthy habits is the equivalent of having a great foundation for a house. If you start with a sturdy foundation on your journey and you take the time to create these healthy habits, things may happen, you may fall off course but you can easily get back on track by focusing on your core healthy habits. Let’s break down how to create healthy habits.

Know your why

Before you create a new habit you have to know why you’re doing it in the first place. This is the big reason why you are committing to creating this new habit. In order to see your new habit all the way through and actually create it, you need to believe in it, with all your heart.

Think about things like:

  • How will this benefit me in 30, 60,90 days?

  • Why am I doing this for me?

  • What will change in my life if I create this new habit?

  • What will happen if I don’t create this habit?

  • How will this new habit help me reach my big goal

Create a routine

You’ve heard it before, likely multiple times, but routine is KEY. Routine is a building block to success in almost anything in life. Creating a routine when starting a new habit is crucial. Life gets busy, things go from 0-100 too quick and oftentimes when things start to get a little overwhelming in life we let our new habits go first. Why? Because they seem like an extra hassle. If you create a routine for your new habit and insert it into your daily life, you will have no reason to brush it off when things get busy. When adding in a new habit think about these tricks to help:

  • Allot for more time than needed to do your new habit

  • Set reminders on your phone 30 minutes before your new habit

  • If possible, create time for this habit earlier in the day to avoid it brushed off as things pile onto your plate throughout the day

  • Re-evaluate your routine daily and adjust where needed

Start small

It is unrealistic and unattainable to expect yourself to start a new habit, go all in with in everyday from day one. This isn’t a sprint - we are in this for the long haul. Think about your habits that way. Start slow with your habits, if you want to begin to exercise everyday don’t start yourself off with the expectation of hour long workouts every morning. Set realistic expectations and goals. Start off with 10 minutes each morning and gradually increase. If you set goals you can achieve, you are allowing yourself to win. To win you goals everyday. The more you win and conquer your goals the more apt you are to continue on this healthy path.

Reward yourself

Everyone loves to be rewarded. A little act of gratitude and self-appreciation can go a long way when you are working on creating a new habit. There will be days where you may feel like you didn’t succeed 100% and that’s natural and then there will be days where you knock it out of the park. Remember to celebrate these times.

  • Write your wins in a notebook to reflect back on when having a bad day

  • Create rewards based on days of success - give yourself something to work for

  • Tell someone about your success.

  • Do something special for yourself

Most importantly, remember, nothing happens overnight. It’s important to start out with the mindset that these new habits will take time, not everyday will be perfect and that’s okay. The more you practice and implement these new habits and changes into your life the more you will grow and the easier it will be to continue with these habits.

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