How to create a bedtime routine (to help you sleep better)

Sleeping is one of the most important things to living a healthy life yet sometimes it is one of the hardest things to figure out how to do better. One thing we have found that works wonders is creating a bedtime routine. Keep reading to find out how to create your own bedtime routine.

What is a bedtime routine?

A bedtime routine is your routine in the evening that you do daily before you go to bed. The idea behind it is that you are creating a routine that alerts your mind that you are winding down for bed. Just like any routine, once your body starts to understand what is going on and what the routine is indicating, your body will follow suit.

Step 1: Give yourself enough time to decompress from the day

We all need time to unwind after the day, we need time to let our brains and bodies decompress from the day. Our bodies and minds are racing from the beginning of the day to the end and in order to have a good sleep we need to let our thoughts drift away and become relaxed. Otherwise, we will be up tossing and turning all night

Step 2: Decide on a time when to put away distractions

Decompressing with your electronic devices is not decompressing. Decide on a time when to put your electronics down for the night and fill your mind with your own thoughts and not social media or work emails.

Step 3: Decide on what your habits before bed will look like.

Will you set your phone down and take your dog on an evening walk before coming home to a cup of tea?

This part is completely up to you - but make sure you do something that fills your cup. Something that allows you to be present and enjoy your surroundings. It’s important that we take time for ourselves even if that looks like 5 minutes alone reading in bed. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme.

Step 4: Implementation

Start to implement these things before bed every night. It’s important to create a routine so that your body understands what is happening when you start your routine. Your mind and body will begin to recognize that it is nighttime routine time and in time, this routine will be soothing.

Sleeping is nothing to take lightly. Sleep increases our performance in every area of our lives. Sleep is essential in our day-to-day activities. Once we start to take our sleep seriously there are so many benefits that can follow.

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