How to Avoid Temptation at a Summer BBQ

Summer BBQs are the best. Gathering with friends, the longer evenings, and great conversation. Let’s not forget all the yummy food and beverages. It can be easy to overdo it - and to lose control but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are a few simple tricks you can use to keep yourself and your goals on track while still enjoying all the great events summer brings.

Don’t go on an empty stomach

Make sure whatever event it is you are going to that you don’t under eat all day knowing that you might eat things that are not in your typical food schedule. This will cause you to be starving by the time you get there and likely over-eat on things that are sugary or fried. Feed your body just the same way as you would any other day.

Start small

It’s a common practice while at events with tables filled with food to fill your plate to the brink (almost over spilling). There is no need for this. Start small and see how you feel after you have finished that plate. Filling your plate to the max puts unneeded pressure on you to finish the plate and likely eat much more than you needed at the time.

Sugary drinks beware

As yummy as all those summer drinks are, keep in mind they are packed with a ton of sugar and after a few too many you will likely be heading straight back to the food table or guzzling down a few more drinks. Both of which will likely leave you feeling overfilled and possibly even a little off your game the following morning.

The most important thing to remember is that your health journey is not supposed to be an all-or-nothing thing. It’s about making room for the things you love to do while incorporating your new healthy life.

Don’t miss out on the things you love, embrace them. Learn to teach yourself new skills and tactics that you can bring to all areas of your life to keep you living and feeling your very best.

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