Change is something that many of use view as unsettling.  For some, the idea of change elicits fear.  But truth be told we are  always changing.  At any given moment,  our bodies are healing, dying and being reborn.  We are all aging.  We are fighting cancer and disease.  We are learning and growing, some of which is on a completely unconscious level. And we are not the only ones changing.  Everything around us is changing, including the world itself. Most change is below the level of our awareness.  For example, our hair is growing everyday yet it goes unnoticed until one day we wake up and realize we need to get a hair cut.  We don't suddenly wake up five pounds heavier, we slowly and imperceptibly have gained the weight.  Change is a universal constant.  The only thing that that doesn't change is our mental construct of how things are, and we have a lot of mental constructs about the way things are.  Our bodies, minds, and relationships are constantly changing and yet it is us that occasionally notice. It is in these moments of awareness that our fear and resistance surfaces.  But what we are noticing is what has already happened.  The change has already occurred and we don't like what we see.  The pants are tighter, the wrinkles are more pronounced, the distance grows.  The question at this point is will our awareness change our mental construct?  Will we realize our pants are tighter because we gained weight or will we hang on to our previous idea and conclude that the pants are shrinking? Was everything "just fine" until he wanted a divorce?  Will we ignore change until reality forces us to see it?   Awareness is a gift, a gift we can accept or refuse. Change is happening.  It never stops.  The only question is - at what point do we see the change?  Can we accept awareness as it comes or refuse it until later?  Sometimes it seems to be the more comfortable choice to ignore the changes that have occurred.  We hold onto our mental constructs of how things are because to recognize the change would be painful. So what we are ignoring is our own pain.  But pain doesn't go away just because we don't like it.  When we ignore a pain in our body, it continues to get worse until we can't ignore it.  The same thing happens with our emotions.   So managing change is really managing our awareness of our emotions.  "...holding us in place is simply fear of what's already changed"

Sara Bareilles - Manhattan

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