5 Simple Tips and Tricks to Make Cooking A Breeze

One of the reasons cooking is so difficult is because it consists of three phases: Shopping, cooking, and cleaning, which makes it often impossible to do all three at the end of a long day, sounds familiar? Is there maybe a better method to get through a meal without being weary by the effort?

Ready-to-eat food market is continuously growing because of the convenience and time-savings to the final consumer. However, a huge portion of this food is loaded with calories and fat. By preparing your own food you'll have the ability to control exactly what you are eating.

Making your own meals is probably the best way to reduce your weight. You know what's in them since you cook them, and they usually use less salt and preservatives than most prepared meals.

Eating healthy means having a healthy body.

Cooking at home may also save you some money! Even if food prices have risen, dining at home is still a less costly alternative than eating at a restaurant.

While eating at home is not necessarily less expensive than fasr food, but there is no comparison in terms of quality.

Another advantage of eating at home is that you can choose what you want to eat. You get to choose the menu, and you can have seconds if you like.

The Process of Cooking

However, one of the reasons cooking is so difficult is because it consists of three phases:

  • Shopping

  • Cooking

  • Cleaning

It is frequently impossible to perform all three at the conclusion of a long day - sounds familiar?

Hell, at the end of a great day it isn’t easy.

After dining at a restaurant, you may go home and relax, knowing that all of your job is done. You may have spent more money or consumed more calories than you desired, but at least you're done.

Is there, however, a better method to get through a meal without being weary by the effort?

Here are a 5 of my cooking hacks that make the job doable

1. Have Ingredients on Hand

Always have the majority, if not all, of the components for your most popular dishes on hand. If your dish calls for fresh ingredients, you'll only need a few things, making a supermarket run a fast stop.

Having majoirty if not all your ingredients on hand will make cooking a lot easier for you.

Prepping ingredients ahead of time not only saves time, but it also diminishes the chances of making mistakes. This is especially helpful when cooking for one or two people.

2. Plan Ahead

Make a menu plan for at least part of your meals. I don't plan many meals since I like to eat whatever I want on any given day, but certain days I know I won't have much time. Plan a supper that you can handle if you work late or have evening activities on a given day of the week. It may be a crockpot dinner, soup, or anything left over from the night before. Simply plan ahead of time if you know you won't have much time.

This will make cooking a breeze as you're planning ahead.

Planning ahead requires discipline and making it a habit, check out here the latest episodes on how to form habits!

Similar to leftovers that you can use in creative ways. If you have a roast or chicken that you didn't eat, why not make a soup or salad? Leftovers can also be turned into a sandwich, wrap, or pizza topping.

3. Prep Meals Ahead Of Time To Make Cooking Simple And Fast

Prepare certain dishes ahead of time for fast and simple preparation. I like Italian dishes with a crimson sauce made from beef or bison. When I purchase ground bison, I brown it all and store it in little containers in the freezer.

Prepping parts of meals ahead of time and freezing them will also help too much food from spoiling.

I take a jar of my favorite spaghetti sauce and add the frozen meat, which thaws rapidly and, more significantly, does not need my attention. I can stir it now and then as I prepare my veggies and arrange the table.

4. Free Up Some Time Through Short Cuts

Boil water in an electric kettle. Have you ever heard the expression "A watched pot never boils?" When you're cooking, the saying rings true.

Waiting for water to boil consumes a significant amount of time. It just takes a few minutes to bring water to a boil with an electric kettle. I use my electric kettle to heat water whenever I cook and need it to be boiling hot.

This method will save you time and agony of having to wait to even start cooking.

When I cook soup, I sauté the veggies first, followed by the boiling water and seasonings. Soup may be made in half the time and the veggies have much more taste. I'm not usually a fan of kitchen gadgets, but an electric kettle is one that I couldn't live without.

5. Clean As You Go When Cooking

Clean while you cook. Because I have a double sink, I fill one half with soapy water and the other half with clean water. Even if I just had one sink, I'd fill it with water. When I'm done with a dirty dish, I place it in the sink to soak.

Why not also go the short cut route here? Prepare you dishes ahead of time, especially when you know you will be tired.

It is a simple task for me to wash the dishes (or fill the dishwasher). If I'm too sleepy after supper to clean, I can do it later. And having a sink of dirty dishes in it is far different than having a sink of filthy dishes.

Cooking doesn't have to be complicated! With the right planning and a few helpful tips, you can make cooking easier than you ever thought possible.

When you are able to prepare food early, it can save you a lot of time, especially when you are cooking for more than one person. When you have ingredients on hand, you don't have to run to the store, which can save you time. Planning ahead is a great way to save time and effort in the kitchen. If you have tried any of our kitchen shortcuts, please feel free to let us know about them! We'd love to hear how you're able to save time in the kitchen!

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