An Unconscious State

Cindy was chopping nuts for her second ice cream sundae before she realized SHE WAS CHOPPING NUTS FOR HER SECOND ICE CREAM SUNDAE! She was so surprised at this realization, she had to take a minute to review what was going on. She always wondered why she was having such a difficult time losing weight, especially since she was careful to stick with a healthy diet and ate only an occasional treat. But here she was, eating a second bowl of ice cream. It was as if she had a moment of consciousness from a previously unconscious state.

This realization stopped her in her tracks. Cindy had to ask herself: Why was she eating this? What started this? Does she do this all the time and not realize it? What should I do with the ice cream?

At least one of the questions was easy to answer. She ate another bowl of ice cream. But as she ate it, she pondered the other questions.

It was 8:30 pm on a Sunday evening. Her granddaughter had just left. She was alone and she felt lonely. Come to think of it, she did the same thing the week before. As it turns out, Sunday nights were a dangerous time for her diet. She always enjoyed her special day with her granddaughter and when she left, the lively house became very quiet...too quiet. It brought back memories of her late husband and the sadness of his passing. She had spent many months in therapy processing his death which helped her resolve her feelings of grief, regret, and guilt.

Having her granddaughter visit every Sunday, was part of her process of moving forward. She didn't realize how having her granddaughter leave was setting her back.

Eating ice cream did in fact soothe her emotion of loneliness, but it was counterproductive to her weight loss efforts. She didn't want to change her weekly visits with her granddaughter but she did want to change her emotional eating when she left.

It was time to come up with a plan for her Sunday night danger zone. She decided that the best course of action was to have plans when her granddaughter left. She didn't want to feel the pressure of another social obligation in case her daughter was running late, but she didn't want to feel the void of loneliness once she left.

What she decided was Sunday nights would be her evening to clean and set up her food plan for the week. She would plan her meals, do her laundry, and get that bathroom clean!

As soon as her granddaughter left, she threw in a load of laundry and she headed straight to the grocery. From there, she put the clothes in the dryer and began her food prep. By the time her bathtub was clean, she was sitting on the sofa with a delicious smoothie and feeling a sense of accomplishment. Yes, she missed her granddaughter, but there was always next week.

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