7 Ways to Stay Focused When There Are Distractions in the Workplace


You stay in your office typing away in a quarrel against time and your deadline when you are intrigued by the appeal of eating all the donuts in the break room or pulling a Dr. Phil for a crying coworker in the bathroom. Yes, the workplace can be a hostile, tempting environment. However, it is valuable to know helpful tricks to remain on task.

Here are 7 tips for staying focused when you’re surrounded by distractions!
  1. Be Tech Savvy

These days, most individuals find it arduous to root a barrier between their electronics and themselves, but it is needed to get jobs completed. I recommend selecting the off button for notifications on frivolous apps. In addition, don’t fall for social media’s feign comfort of “relaxation,” because in reality it is a waste of brainpower. Rather, view things like Insta or Snapchat as a treat that you receive once a task is completed. Moreover, don’t overly check your email as this can serve as an ironic distraction.

  1. Tune it Out

It is inevitable to not converse with others at work, but why not save yourself the trouble when it grows burdensome? A way to do so is by playing background noise such as nature sounds. Using noise cancelling headphones is another great way to stay distraction-free, as it gives you silence and provides a subtle, yet direct way of informing others you need to be alone to focus on your work.

  1. Being Neat is Key

When workers are in the “zone,” having an organized place to work seems like a fading afterthought. But choosing to whip out the Windex, grabbing the Lysol, or spraying some Febreze can make all the difference in elevating your concentration.

  1. Shaking Up Where You Work

Leaving your occupation might seem extreme, though at the sake of eliminating distractions, it proves to be needed at times. Therefore, there is no shame in visiting your local Starbucks or library in order to truly devote your attention to the assignment at hand.

  1. Turning a Mountain into a Hill

An entire analysis is due in a week and you fearfully attempt to tackle it in a day, but you still feel the stress piling on. If this accurately describes you then it is time to adjust your game plan and finish an immense task little by little.

  1. Utilize Your Door

I’m sure we can all recall when our parents would barge into our room and ignore our simple request for privacy. But, in your work life, this does not have to continue. It is okay to close the door or hang a do not disturb sign on the handle when need be.

  1. Great Minds Think Alike

While solitude has its benefits, there is no need to be the office loner. Thus, work next to people whose focus can motivate you and repel distractions away. In the same sense, learn to politely dismiss others who will only sidetrack you.

Now that you’ve learned these simple but powerful work hacks, there is no more time to waste!
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