At the start of this year, I looked at my goals for 2019 and I realized that I hadn’t met many of them. I had a goal to get a certain job, and to get my professional license by a certain date. I came to realize that I hadn’t met many of these goals, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. There are simply circumstances in my life that I cannot control. I can’t control when the state board will meet to discuss new licensees, and I cannot control if a position will come open. The only thing I can consistently control is myself.

This year, instead of writing down resolutions, I wrote down daily p

ractices I want to do. The idea is that by working on the things I can control every day, I will hold myself accountable for what I can control and not things outside of my control. I have begun focusing on meditating every morning, reading for at least ten minutes every day, and responding to texts promptly. Another practice, is that I am going to no longer have dessert, unless it’s a special, once-a-year occasion like a birthday.

In doing this, I realized why I liked bigger goals instead of daily practices. It’s much easier to rationalize not meeting a big goal, whereas it’s much harder to admit to myself that I didn’t take ten minutes out of my day to read. I realized that I may want to lose weight, but in order to do that I have to change my eating habits. Every day, even when I’m tired and stressed out. I’ve found, even in less than a month, that it takes a fair amount of discipline to choose to forego dessert every day. However, choosing to eat fruit instead of a ton of Oreos is something well within my abilities.

There are days when things go really poorly. I am frustrated, stressed out, or discouraged. There are days when I question why I got out of bed at all. During days like that, however, I am able to take solace in that I did something positive. I took time to read, to meditate, to try to be more responsive to those that care about me, and I took time to make healthy choices. I am working on myself this year, in 365 increments.


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