An Unconscious State

Cindy was chopping nuts for her second ice cream sundae before she realized SHE WAS CHOPPING NUTS FOR HER SECOND ICE CREAM SUNDAE! She was so surprised at this realization, she had to take a minute to review what was going on. She always wondered why she was having such a difficult time losing weight, especially since she was careful to stick with a healthy diet and ate only an occasional treat. But here she was, eating a second bowl of ice cream. It was as if she had a moment of consciousness from a previously unconscious state. This realization stopped her in her tracks. Cindy had to ask herself: Why was she eating this? What started this? Does she do this all the time and not realize

It's Not Enough

"You will never get enough of what you don't want to make you happy." Tammy was never satisfied. She didn't have enough business and she didn't have enough time off. She didn't really like her house, her car, her dog... Her friends often annoyed. Even though her husband thought she was beautiful, she didn't agree. What was the problem? Why could she never be satisfied? Why couldn't she have what he wanted? Truth be told, she never thought she could have what she wanted. Growing up in a family that financially struggled to make it, she never got what she wanted. Her parents loved her and did the best they could. On a good day, she almost got what she wanted. So, she held the idea that

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