I had always been envious of my close friend, Jackie. We have been friends since high school and have stayed friends into adulthood. We've gone through all of the life events together; marriage, kids, and even the inevitable getting chubby. During a barbecue last summer, we were eating a large bag of barbecue chips when she stopped, looked at me, and said "what am I doing? I don't even like chips. I'm not eating them anymore" and just stopped. Since that day, I haven't seen her eat a potato chip. She started eating cleaner after that barbecue, and she lost about 30 pounds over the course of the year. She looks amazing, and I'm happy for her. Things are different with me. I'm not disciplined

Scheduling 101 – How to Have a Productive Daily Work Routine

CANADA’S VIRTUAL ASSISTANT The Blob. It invaded movie theaters’ screens in the 1950's, and yet it is now residing in your work life. Read on to learn how to stop this infiltration. Rise and Shine The birds are chirping, the sun is stealing your rest, the pillows are yawning, the bed is growing comfier, and then action calls. Will you answer? If so, choose to begin your day by sticking to a routine in the morning, whether that is signing forms needed for your occupation or mailing paperwork. It’s Okay to Selfishly Prioritize We all know sometimes we like to juggle several balls at one time, but devoting your time to a single aspect of your job will prove more beneficial. A tip to do so is get

7 Ways to Stay Focused When There Are Distractions in the Workplace

CANADA’S VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Click-clack! You stay in your office typing away in a quarrel against time and your deadline when you are intrigued by the appeal of eating all the donuts in the break room or pulling a Dr. Phil for a crying coworker in the bathroom. Yes, the workplace can be a hostile, tempting environment. However, it is valuable to know helpful tricks to remain on task. Here are 7 tips for staying focused when you’re surrounded by distractions! Be Tech Savvy These days, most individuals find it arduous to root a barrier between their electronics and themselves, but it is needed to get jobs completed. I recommend selecting the off button for notifications on frivolous apps. In ad

5 Tips for Effectively Working From Home

CANADA’S VIRTUAL ASSISTANT With the recent call for social distancing as a result of the global spread of COVID-19, more employers are requiring people to work from home, and the chances are you have already started to do so. This is new territory for some as many people are beginning to explore the option of remote work as a way to substitute for lost income. Staying focused on work when in the comfort of your home takes a bit of extra effort. Whether it’s the pile of laundry staring at you, or the suddenly attractive snacks in your fridge, other things begin to seem more important than the work that needs to be done. Identifying that you need a plan is a step in the right direction to effe

How I Discovered My Own Motivation to Lose Weight and Change My Life

I have struggled with weight most of my adult life. I am a married mother of three children (now young adults) and have always worked in full-time demanding jobs. Comfort foods, wine, and relaxing on the couch were my easy go-to remedies to find quick respite. Don’t get me wrong – I adore my children, love being their mom, am very involved in their activities, and have been fortunate to have a successful career – but I have been stretched very thin at times. Growing up a middle child, taking time and attention to make myself a priority amidenoust the pressing needs of others has always been an internal struggle. The notion of self-care literally perplexed me – what is it? Self-care seem

Feelings You are Resisting

When I find myself in the round and round of a bad mental habit, I begin to look for the trigger. It is always about me, my thoughts/beliefs, my fears, and my defensiveness. I use these sentence stems and fill in the blanks to get my answer. I am afraid.... I don't want to admit.... I feel inadequate about.... By completing any of these sentences, I usually get my answer. For example: I am afraid... I can't succeed; I'm not good enough; he will leave. I don't want to admit....I was wrong; I don't know; I can't do it. I feel inadequate about...my body; my past; my finances. When you get to the trigger, you will know because your answer resonates on a deep level. These responses will also le

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