Sabotage – Changing Your Peeps from Unsupportive to Supportive

Have you ever started a healthy eating plan only to find that the people who are closest to you sabotage your efforts? Is this passive aggressive? Do they feel threatened about the change you are making? Do they feel guilty about their eating when you are eating healthy? Is it all unintentional and they are unaware of what they are doing? Truth be told we can never be sure what is going on in other people's minds. It's hard enough just noticing our own thoughts. Rather than figuring out the motives of the people around you, I think it is best to focus on their behavior and make a request. Since these are not necessarily familiar ways of communicating I will talk about the 2 issues separately

Eating at Parties and Events

Eat before you go to parties, weddings and other food oriented events. Going hungry is leaving your eating choice to others and it is very unlikely they will conform with your plan When you are arrive hungry, you are likely to leave with feelings of guilt, resentment, or feeling sorry for yourself.

Starting A Diet

When it comes to dieting, it is easier to add a healthy food then take way an unhealthy food. Start by adding healthy foods to your diet. This will lessen your cravings and leave less room for unhealthy choices. Changing your diet is not about deprivation, it is about eating healthier and being good to yourself. Add foods you like.

Healthy Shopping

When you shop, look for refrigerated healthy grab-and-go options for snacks. When you are hungry look in the refrigerator instead of the pantry, most food in the refrigerator is healthier than the pantry. When you are looking to snack, ask yourself, “Am I hungry?” “What is my emotion?” Often snacking is coming from an emotional place such as boredom, loneliness, or lack of joy.

Craving Sweet Beverages

Sometimes we crave a sweet beverage when we go to a restaurant. Drink a glass of water first and then evaluate if you would like a sweet beverage. Notice your thoughts, emotions, and feelings in your body. If you chose the sweet beverage, what changes do you notice?


The first sign of dehydration is sugar cravings. When you crave a sugary drink, first try several ounces of cold delicious water. Notice how the added water affects your body and cravings. If you still crave sugar, ask yourself what feeling do you want and how can I bring about that feeling without using food?

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